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Introductory Rider Course

Aimed for younger, novice riders who want to introduce themselves to the world of motorcycle riding. This course teaches the fundamentals, from learning the names of motorcycle parts, finding the right beginner bike, to the mentality of riding SAFELY. This is NOT a riding course, but for future riders, 13+, who want to dip their toes into the motorcycle world.


Our aim is to put future riders on the correct path for motorcycle riding. Emphasizing riding safety, and to determine if motorcycle riding is right for you.


  • Motorcycle Types

  • Motorcycle Parts and Equipment

  • Controls, Indicators

  • Basic Operation


Riding Mentality & Safety

  • Preparing to Ride

  • Riding Safety

  • Common Riding Situations

  • Unique Riding Situations

  • Handling Basic Riding Emergencies

  • Critical Safety Steps

  • State & Local Laws


Hands On

  • Learn Basic Wrenching. Be in Tune with your Bike.

  • Sitting on a Bike (Engine Off). Get an idea of what riding will feel like.

On the Road

Get in Touch

Enroll now and start your journey into the world of motorcycles!

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